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Biography: Andy Goldsworthy - National Gallery of Art
    Artist Biography: Andy Goldsworthy. Andy Goldsworthy was born in Cheshire, England, in 1956 and currently resides in Scotland. He studied at Bradford School of Art and Preston Polytechnic and has been making art in the environment, both rural and urban, since the mid-1970s. He is an Andrew D. White Professor at Cornell University.

Andy Goldsworthy Biography, Art, & Facts Britannica
    Andy Goldsworthy, (born July 26, 1956, Cheshire, England), British sculptor, land artist, and photographer known for ephemeral works created outdoors from natural materials found on-site. As an adolescent growing up in Yorkshire, England, Goldsworthy worked as a farm labourer when not in school. That work fostered an interest in nature, the cycles of the seasons, and the outdoors.

Andy Goldsworthy Biography – Andy Goldsworthy on artnet
    Andy Goldsworthy (British, b.1956) is a sculptor and photographer whose site-specific artworks directly engage with the environment, incorporating natural specimens and found objects into semi-permanent sculptures, which are then extensively documented in photographs. Goldsworthy grew up in West Yorkshire, and worked as a farm laborer from an early age, an experience that allowed him …Nationality: British

Andy Goldsworthy Artnet
    Biography. Andy Goldsworthy is a British artist known for his site-specific installations involving natural materials and the passage of time. Working as both sculptor and photographer, Goldsworthy crafts his installations out of rocks, ice, leaves, or branches, cognizant that the landscape will change, then carefully documents the ephemeral collaborations with nature through photography.Nationality: British

Andy Goldsworthy Sculptures, Bio, Ideas TheArtStory
    A sculptor and photographer, Andy Goldsworthy not only works with nature, but in nature. Rather than building monumental constructions on or out of the land, Goldsworthy works almost telepathically with nature, rearranging its natural forms in such a way as to …Nationality: British

Andy Goldsworthy - 75 Artworks, Bio & Shows on Artsy
    Jan 15, 2015 · Biography Andy Goldsworthy creates outdoor sculpture using an endless array of natural materials, from snow and ice to leaves, grass, stones, clay, petals, and twigs.Nationality: British

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