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Galleries Artist Andy Anh Ha
    The Gallery of Andy Anh Ha. The Arcade Building 244 5th Avenue. N Unit #63 Nashville, TN 37246 tele. 615.483.9915 email. [email protected] gallery rep : Katie Middendorf First Saturday Art Crawl 6-10pm Mon-Sun by Appt Only. . Green Box Art and Culture. 789 Gateway Center Way San Diego, CA 92102-4547 t. 619.262.5194 f. 619.282.0382

Collectors Artist Andy Anh Ha
    Collectors/Collections. Macy’s Pasadena, CA South Lake Women’s Department. Larry Traxler – Head of Design Hilton Hotels. Doug Ellin – Creator of “Entourage”

Andy Anh Ha - Artists - GreenBox Art
    Andy Anh Ha Andy Anh Ha studied arts at the University of Knoxville, Tennessee. He graduated with a BFA in fine arts and with a focus on media arts. His main project focus involves conceptualizations of the lotus flower, which represents "sheer creative power and purity amid adverse surroundings."

The Gallery of Andy Anh Ha - Art Galleries - 244 5th Ave N ...
    3 reviews of The Gallery of Andy Anh Ha "All of Andy Anh Ha's shiny resin paintings portray the lotus flower, which according to his artist's statement, represents "purity amidst adverse surroundings." Ha's large scale artwork features a pure white background with the large, deep red silhouette of a lotus flower, or the outline of a lotus over mottled brush strokes, or chains of multi-colored ...

Living Room Artist Andy Anh Ha
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