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Andrey Shishkin - - Visual Art Encyclopedia
    Andrey Shishkin (Russian: Андрей Алексеевич Шишкин; born 1960) is a Russian painter. He was born and raised in Moscow. He has dealt with painting since the beginning of 2000s and he currently works in a private studio. His main directions of creativity are portrait and historical paintings in realist attempt.Birth place: Москва, Russian Federation

Russian artist Andrey Shishkin - Art Kaleidoscope
    Russian artist Andrey Shishkin. Russian Beauty in a folk costume. Painting by Andrey Shishkin. Russian artist Andrey Shishkin was born in Moscow in 1960. Here he lives and works in his own studio to this day. Andrey Shishkin works in the genre of a realistic academic painting and creates psychological portraits, that amaze by their magnificence.

Andrey Shishkin - East West Fine Art
    Andrey Shishkin. Andrey Shishkin was born in Moscow in 1960. He began painting at the age of 15, when he realized that his true calling is to research the human character: in its ups an downs, strengths and weaknesses, kindness and cruelty, sadness and joy. That’s why, his favorite genre is portrait. Andrey is proud to take part in creating painting for several Russian Orthodox cathedrals and churches.

Shishkin Andrey - RussianFineArt
    Andrey Shishkin is a contemporary Artist, famous portrait painter and the master of the brush; his true call is the realistic academic painting. The Artist was born in Moscow, where he lives and works now. Andrey has been an Artist for more than 15 years. Being a …

Andrey Shishkin - - Visual Art Encyclopedia
    mythological painting (13) portrait (13) religious painting (3) Media. oil (38) ... Casket Andrey Shishkin • 2003. Mistress of the Copper Mountain (by Vasnetsov) Andrey Shishkin • 2004. At the masquerade Andrey Shishkin • 2006.

Russian self-taught artist Andrey Shishkin - Russian culture
    Russian self-taught artist Andrey Shishkin. Russian realist painter Andrey Shishkin was born in 1960 in Moscow, where he lives and works now. The artist didn’t get any art education, and he has been painting since the age of 15. Andrey has never had a personal or a group exhibition, though the level of this self-taught painter evidently shows his bright talent, worth appreciating.

Maher Art Gallery: Andrey Shishkin. (1960) Russian painter.
    Andrey Shishkin. (1960) Russian painter. Andrei Shishkin - a modern artist known portrait painter and a master of the brush, his calling was realistic academic painting. Born …

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