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    SUNLEY SMITH. Andrew Sunley Smith, contemporary artist, Sydney, Australia. Includes: Migratory Projects, Carrier, Drive Out Cinema, Trailer Garden, Micro Gestures, Road Trip Dinners. Sauna, Urn, The Nocturnal Tourist, Gossamer. ANDREW SUNLEY SMITH. PROJECTS. EXHIBITIONS. BIO/CV. TEXT.

Andrew Sunley Smith Biography
    Learn more about Andrew Sunley Smith (British, 1969). Read the artist bio and gain a deeper understanding with MutualArt's artist profile.

Andrew Sunley Smith - Dr - LinkedIn
    Sunley Smith also took time from his practice to ensure the very survival and continuity of Glasgow Sculpture Studios, Contemporary Arts Production facility in Scotland UK, with over 300+ members.Title: Contemporary Artist

Art & Research : Andrew Sunley Smith
    Carrier Archive, Micro Gestures 2005, (detail) (courtesy Andrew Sunley Smith). The Micro Gestures are instructional, in part didactic, like a guide – in case others may want to explore and learn to adapt and modify similar things in similar ways.

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