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Andrew McNeile Jones Saatchi Art
    About Andrew McNeile Jones Andrew McNeile Jones graduated from Oxford University's Ruskin School of Art, with a first in Fine Art, in the 1980's. He then trained as a filmmaker, working in all areas of the film and television …

Andrew Mcneile Jones : contemporary British Painter ...
    Andrew McNeile Jones is a British contemporary painter who lives in Oxfordshire in the UK. He graduated from Oxford University’s Ruskin School of Art with a first class degree and was a filmmaker until he decided to focus solely on his art.4.7/5(6)

Andrew McNeile Jones - About Andrew McNeile Jones ...
    Biography Andrew McNeile Jones paints narrative scenes that are washed with sunlight and deep shadows. These are scenes where we sense that maybe a story is happening just out of the frame. Clothes are draped across the backs of chairs, or hang from panelled shutters.

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