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Andrew kearney Artist
    Yet Watts Artist Village cannot only be understood as just a landscape. As the former residence of Mary and GF Watts the Village was a place where family living, artistic production, the landscape and the community came together blurring the boundary between the indoors and the outdoors and between the domestic and the public.

Andrew kearney Artist
    Kearney fitted sensors inside the works that are activated remotely by the exterior environment and general public so as to animate the works with light and/or sound. In one installation of Silence, birds could be heard at even song but their spasmodic irregularity and …

Art in Focus: Andrew Kearney – Mechanism
    Art in Focus: Andrew Kearney – Mechanism Artist’s unsettling installations underline the implicit strangeness of everyday encounters with objects, places and materials Sat, Apr 20, 2019, 05:00Author: Aidan Dunne

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