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    Andrew Gilbert satirically interprets the history of European colonialism in his paintings, works on paper, and mixed-media sculptures. Subverting long-lasting symbols of the British Empire and clichés of Orientalism, Gilbert’s works evoke his fanciful imagination in a faux-naive style. His gaudy portraits and mocking models of imaginary military figures, whom he dresses up almost as though they’re in drag, …Nationality: Scottish

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    Andrew Gilbert (1980, Edinburgh) in his drawings and installations combines his studies of Primitivism in Modern Art, military history and a rich personal language of symbols and characters (such as “Andrew Emperor of Africa” or “Holy Brocoli”). He examines the representations of exotic cliches, and propaganda techniques used to demonize the eternal foreign Other.

Andrew Gilbert
    Andrew Gilbert. 2003. 'Deutsch Afrikanische Freundschaft' Artist Book produced for the exhibition in Autocenter, Berlin. 2003. 'Volgau Blaetter' magazine produced by Astrid Sourkova and Lina Launhardt, Berlin. 2004. 'Vezelay to Jerusalem' Catalogue for the exhibition in …

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    Provocative, political and variously colorful, the multimedia work of Scottish artist Andrew Gilbert takes on the bloody and brutal history of British colonization around the world. Creating sculptures, paintings and mixed media, Gilbert’s works subvert and satirize various aspects of British culture, in particular reference to the African Zulu tribe, which became an obsession for the artist at a young age.

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