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Andrew Forrest » Art Gallery
    Andrew now paints exclusively in the abstract domain. Tonal and textural values are becoming increasingly subtle. Andrew is preparing to explore painting on a much larger scale than previously, incorporating abstract themes through colour, texture, tone and translucency. These current paintings reflect an evolution towards greater simplicity.

Andrew Forrest
    NEW ANDREW FORREST ALBUM ! MUSIC. Celebration of boundless, sublime, mystical, cinematic sonic alchemy… through – SILENCE SOUNDING – An intricate weaving of otherworldly soundscapes…spacious, powerful, delicate, expansive, fluid, cosmic, resonant harmonics. ART.

Andrew Forrest
    Andrew Forrest Andrew Forrest is at the forefront of cinematic ambient, deep space music composition since his first release "Octaves of Infinity" in 1992. Since then, 11 further CD releases have been met with universal critical acclaim. His music is typically long format instrumental tracks, often over 20 minutes, which take the listener on a profound, powerful, otherworldly, wholly immersive ...

Andrew Forrest » Visionary Paintings from 1989 to 1993
    Andrew Forrest » Visionary Paintings from 1989 to 1993 Exploring and expressing 'radical non-duality' / infinity, through music, art and words…. celebrating this unfathomable, miraculous life. Art Gallery » Visionary Paintings from 1989 to 1993

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