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Paintings - Andrew Bird - Artist
    New, recent and archived paintings by artist Andrew Bird

Andrew Bird
    Jimbo Mathus & Andrew Bird present “These 13,” out March 5th 2021.

Andrew Bird - Wikipedia
    Jul 03, 2005 · Andrew Wegman Bird (born July 11, 1973) is a Grammy nominated indie rock multi-instrumentalist, singer and songwriter. Since 1996, he has released 16 studio albums, as well as several live albums and EPs, spanning various genres including swing music, indie rock, and folk music.

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    Andrew Bird's paintings take inspiration from the natural beauty of Derbyshire and Cornwall. The artist builds layers of texture in his paintings through scraping, scratching and reworking the surface to capture the rugged nature of these landscapes. Bird explores and simplifies the visual content of his paintings and the results are stunning.

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