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Andrei Roiter - 43 Artworks, Bio & Shows on Artsy
    Shows Featuring Andrei Roiter. Skip to end of content. Art With Text: The Message is the Medium. Nov 1, 2020 – Jul 29, 2021. Skip to beginning of content. Page 1 of 1. Art With Text: The Message is the Medium. Nov 1, 2020 – Jul 29, 2021. See all current and upcoming shows. Related Categories. Russia. 20th Century Art. New York Artists ...Nationality: Russian

Andrei Roiter AKINCI - AKINCI Gallery
    Andrei Roiter was born in Moscow in 1960. He attended the Moscow Institute of Architecture from 1978-1980, during which time he began to show his works in underground exhibition spaces. Since the mid-80’s Roiter took part in several international exhibitions of Russian art in Europe and the U.S.

Andrei Roiter - Artists - Jack Hanley Gallery
    Andrei Roiter (b. 1960, Moscow) lives and works in Amsterdam and New York. Roiter's multimedia practice negotiates being a wanderer in his homeland. His sculptures and installations often serve as "props" for his photorealist paintings, thus translating found and discarded objects into poetic, meaningful paintings.

Andrei Roiter Artist Bio and Art for Sale Artspace
    Roiter’s aversion to community stems in part from his childhood in Soviet Russia and the country’s policies related to the manufacture of a national identity, the denial of basic freedoms, and the scarcity of public forums for thought and creativity.

Andrei Roiter Artnet
    Andrei Roiter (American/Russian, born 1960)Nationality: American/Russian

Artist's Studio ‒ Andrei Roiter
    2009, Mixed Media, 67x50x33cm. Welcome, 2014. Wood, aluminum, oil paint, light fixture, pvc, electric cord

Andrei Roiter Art Auction Results
    Moscow Museum of Modern Art opens "Andrei Roiter: Open House" ArtDaily 17/10/2013 This will be the artist’s first large-scale exhibition in Russia. Roiter was one of the founding members of Detsky Sad (Kindergarten), the legendaryNationality: Russian

ANDREI ROITER Inside Out - Laura Bulian Gallery
    The Laura Bulian Gallery is pleased to present the new solo exhibition Inside Out by Russian artist Andrei Roiter, which will open on Thursday 25 September. This event follows his major solo exhibition entitled Open House, held at the MMOMA in Moscow, and presents some of his most significant paintings, drawings

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