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Andrea Pisano Italian sculptor Britannica
    Andrea Pisano, also called Andrea da Pontedera, (born c. 1270–90, Pontedera, near Pisa—died c. 1348–49, Orvieto, Papal States), one of the most important Italian sculptors of the 14th century whose chief works were executed in Florence, where he came under the influence of Giotto. Andrea is recorded as the author of the earliest of three bronze doors for the baptistery of the cathedral of Florence, …

Andrea Pisano Sculptures, Drawings and Biography
    Andrea Pisano, in other spheres referred to as Andrea da Pontedera, remains one of the most significant Italian sculptors of the 14th century ever to grace the art movement. He was born in circa 1270-90 in Pontedera near Pisa and lived a successful life and later died in circa 1348-49 in Orvieto, Papal States.

Andrea Pisano: Italian Gothic Sculptor - Art Encyclopedia
    Andrea Pisano (1295-1348) Trained in Gothic sculpture, the Italian sculptor and architect Andrea Pisano - also known as Andrea da Pontedera - was an important pioneer of prototype Renaissance sculpture of the trecento. His chief works were executed in Florence, the most important of which were his three bronze doors for the baptistery of the Cathedral of Florence (completed in 1336).

Andrea Pisano Art: Prints, Paintings, Posters & Wall Art ...
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Andrea Pisano Online - Art cyclopedia
    Andrea Pisano [Italian Gothic Era Sculptor, ca.1295-1348] Guide to pictures of works by Andrea Pisano in art museum sites and image archives worldwide. Andrea Pisano art links Andrea Pisano: La Meccanica (Daedalus)

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Andrea Pisano's Baptistery Doors - Florence As It Was
    Andrea Pisano, who inscribed his name on one of the panels in 1330 (“ANDREAS UGOLINI NINI DI PISIS ME FECIT A.D. MCCCXXX”), seems to have been involved in this project from the very beginning. A promising sculptor who had trained as a goldsmith – a logical background for one eager to sculpt in metals, like bronze – Andrea had received the commission from the Arte della Calimala due to his …

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