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Andrea Joseph SketchKon 2018
    Andrea Joseph Andrea is a self-taught artist living in Derbyshire, England, who creates amazing, one-of-a-kind drawings using simple materials like ball point pens. Her style requires quite some patience and persistence because some of her …

Andrea Joseph - Artists & Illustrators - Original art for ...
    Andrea Joseph is an award winning illustrator from sunny Port Talbot, in Wales, now living and drawing in Derbyshire. Andrea started drawing again, about four years ago, after a ten year hiatus. She hasn\'t stopped since. She is entirely self taught.

Andrea Joseph Biography -
    BIOGRAPHY Andrea Joseph is an artist. The artist's work has been offered at auction multiple times. Only one artwork sold; this was Two Bowls with Birds, which realized $413 USD at Dr. Fischer Fine Art Auctions in 2014.

andrea joseph - Contact Information, Biography, Blog, and ...
    andrea's Blog: andrea joseph's sketchblog - Recent Posts. 10/27/2016. i've seen that road before ( 0 Comments ) This is one of my favourite recent drawings (or urban sketches as they now have to be called). I made this at the end of a long day.

Andrea Joseph - Creative Tempest - Inspiring Artists
    May 16, 2009 · Andrea Joseph. (Weekly Story Theme: Romance) There is no other love like an illustrator’s hand and its pen. These two spend hours together everyday, inseparable, and when they are not together, the hand years for the cool grip of its beautiful slender pen. Andrea Joseph hand knows this feeling well, and his hand and its pen have been ...

Andrea Joseph: Artist of the Month - November 2013 Cult Pens
    Oct 29, 2013 · Andrea: My name is Andrea Joseph. I’m originally from South Wales, but now live and draw in the Peak District. I started drawing around seven years ago when I found some of the illustrated blogs online. I thought I’d give that a go and have never stopped drawing since.

EK Interview: Andrea Joseph – EMPTY KINGDOM
    Apr 11, 2011 · EK Interview: Andrea Joseph. by the blind architect - April 11, 2011. March 4, 2013. - 1 Comment. Andrea Joseph proves the pen is mightier. Our own Konahrtist featured her work here. We asked her for an interview and she replied ‘sure but I’m busy for the next three months working on a time machine so I can go punch a Tyrannosaurus Rex in ...Author: The Blind Architect

About andrea joseph Flickr
    Andrea Joseph has an exquisite talent. She most definitely has done some of the best drawings i've ever seen. Her ability to actually make it look as if she's taken a photograph is amazing. February 5, 2010

Andrea Joseph Artist Information? Yahoo Answers
    Nov 07, 2011 · Favorite Answer Well, first of all Andrea Joseph is she... She is from United Kingdom. Mostly draws using ball point pens.

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