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Ancient Chinese Artists, Chinese Brush Painting Artists
    Ancient Chinese Artists: Huang Shen. Huang Shen (1687-1768) was a native of Fukien Province. A poet and calligrapher as well, he was one of the famous “Eight Yangchou Eccentrics”.

Chinese Painters, Artists: History, Biographies
    BIOGRAPHIES OF CHINESE ARTISTS For short profiles of selected major painters from ancient China, as well as Hong Kong, Taiwan and the modern and contemporary era of the People's Republic of China, involved in Buddhist and other art forms, see the following: Period of Disunity (221-589 CE) Tang Dynasty (618-906) 5 Dynasties, 10 Kingdoms (907-60)

Chinese art Britannica
    Art as a reflection of Chinese class structure. One of the outstanding characteristics of Chinese art is the extent to which it reflects the class structure that has existed at different times in Chinese history. Up to the Warring States period (475–221 bce), the arts were produced by anonymous craftsmen for the royal and feudal courts.

Chinese Artist Covers Paper Torsos in Ancient Paintings to ...
    Feb 20, 2021 · Contemporary Chinese artist Peng Wei puts a spin on tradition with her paper sculptures of female torsos. The figures, composed of layered flax and cotton, are painted with images from ancient Chinese narratives including Paragons of Feminine Virtue by Ming-dynasty thinker Lv Kun and Strange Tales from the Chinese Studio by Qing-dynasty novelist Pu Songling.

Kids History: Art of Ancient China - Ducksters
    The Terracotta Army is a fascinating aspect of Ancient Chinese art. It was created for the burial of the first Emperor of China, Qin Shi Huang, in order to protect him in the afterlife. It consists of thousands of sculptures that make up an army of soldiers. There were sculptures of over 8,000 soldiers and 520 horses in the terracotta army.

Chinese Art - Ancient China for Kids
    Ancient Chinese art is rich in beauty and variety. Some art forms, still popular today, started over 8,000 years ago! Ancient Chinese art includes calligraphy, embroidery, paintings, statues, buildings, shrines, porcelain, silk, puppets, lacquer ware, firecracker folk toys, opera, paper fans, paper cutouts and lanterns and kites, seals, swords, daggers, and more!

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