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Sammamish Martial Arts True Martial Arts
    True Martial Arts takes a balanced approach, teaching traditional values and classic martial arts movements, but also teaching modern self-defense techniques that are usable and effective, and life skills that students can put to use every day to become a successful, respectful, and happy person.

What Makes A Good Martial Artist :: Taekwondo
    Physical martial art training is extremely difficult to practice. However, probably more difficult is the mental approach of trying to live your life by these six principles. Only by combining the two together will you get an overall true martial artist. Martial Art Values. To promote Taekwondo/chosen martial art …

The True Martial Artist Must be a True Warrior ~ Shihan ...
    Oct 05, 2017 · The True Martial Artist Must be a True Warrior ~ Shihan Bohdi Sanders writes about what it means to be a true martial artist. The true martial artist must be a true warrior. Warriors have a different attitude about martial arts. The warrior understands what martial arts are for - self-defense. Bohdi Sanders covers this

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