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21 Most Influential Musical Artists of The 21st Century ...
    Mar 29, 2016 · Only a fraction of today’s mainstream artists added something truly new and unique to their genre. So our list highlights only the ones who did. These 21 performers set the trends that defined music in the 21st century. The music …Author: Dmitriy Feldman

Best Singers of 21st Century - IMDb
    30 names. 1. Taylor Swift. Soundtrack Taylor Swift: Bad Blood. Taylor Alison Swift is a multi-Grammy award-winning American singer/songwriter who, in 2010 at the age of 20, became the youngest artist in history to win the Grammy Award for Album of the Year. In …

List of best-selling music artists - Wikipedia
    The following is an independently verified list of best-selling music artists (those with claims of 75 million or more record sales) from the second half of the 20th century to the present.Only artists whose claimed sales figures can be cross-referenced with music recording certification systems (the first of which appeared in the late 1950s) are included.

The best-selling artists since the turn of the century ...
    Sep 06, 2017 · Modern top-selling artists. FILE - In this Feb. 24, 1988 file photo, Michael Jackson leans, points and sings, dances and struts during the opening performance of his 13-city U.S. tour, in Kansas ...

21st Century Music development and the new tech era impact ...
    Apr 21, 2016 · on 21st Century Music development and the new tech era impact. The first decade of the 21 st century was an amazing and creative period. If the 90’s were a decade when Generation X migrated from adolescents into adulthood, then the 2000’s were a decade where this generation blossomed and began to truly influence the world.

100 Greatest Black Music Artists - Rate Your Music
    To celebrate Black History Month, I thought it would be appropriate to make a list of the greatest black music artists in history. The list is geared towards the 20th and 21st century as I am not familiar enough with classical music and pre-20th century music to know which black composers to include. I ranked the artists based on the usual critiera for ranking music artists (innovation, impact ...

Hip-hop - Hip-hop in the 21st century Britannica
    Hip-hop - Hip-hop - Hip-hop in the 21st century: As the century turned, the music industry entered into a crisis, brought on by the advent of digital downloading. Hip-hop suffered at least as severely as or worse than other genres, with sales tumbling throughout the decade. Simultaneously, though, it solidified its standing as the dominant influence on global youth culture.

25 Best Pop Songs of the 21st Century Ranked
    Jan 03, 2018 · The 21st century has been packed with hits from the likes of Taylor Swift, Lady Gaga, Amy Winehouse and Justin Timberlake, all of which will influence generations to come. We’ve rounded up the very best songs so far. 25. Kings of Leon – ‘Sex on Fire’. 24.

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