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The Six Points of the Charter - ART IN NEWPORT ~ John Wilson
    The Newport Chartist Mural, John Frost Square, Newport depicts the banners of the Chartist marchers protesting the Six Points of the People's Charter of 1838 (click on each frame for a larger view): [1] Universal suffrage for all men age 21 and over

People’s Charter British political document Britannica
    Taking its name from the People’s Charter published in London in May 1838, Chartism aimed at parliamentary reform. The charter contained six points, all of them political and all with a radical pedigree: (1) annual parliaments, (2) universal male suffrage, (3) the ballot, (4) no property qualifications for members of…

Chartism People's Charter - Industrial Revolution Reform ...
    The working class movement from 1839 to 1848 was Chartism, and it had a large impact on the reform during the Industrial Revolution. The movement said that sweeping changes should be made in the political system of Britain, but above all it said the following six points were to be introduced, these six point being called the "Charter": 1.

Chartist Ancestors Blog: When did the six points of the ...
    Oct 13, 2015 · Just one demand – for annual parliaments – remains outstanding. There is now a page on Chartist Ancestors setting out how and when each of the six points of the Charter fared in the aftermath of Chartism. Go to the page on The six points of the People’s Charter. Posted by mark at Tuesday, October 13, 2015.

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