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2d-artist User Profile DeviantArt
    Check out 2d-artist's art on DeviantArt. Browse the user profile and get inspired.

2D Artist Resume Example (Westwood Production) - Los ...
    Versatile and motivated 2D and 3D artist with 13 years in traditional and digital media. Advanced knowledge of Adobe applications. Equipped with an excellent work ethic and capacity to effectively manage creative projects for high profile clients.

2D Animator Resume Example Animator Resumes LiveCareer
    Dec 01, 2008 · Talented 2D animator experienced in the age-old art of hand drawing sequences to create the illusion of movement in media. Creative and innovative ready to use learned skill to enhance any production on the Internet television on the big screen or in video.

30+ Best Artist Portfolio Websites To Inspire You
    We have selected 30+ stunning Art portfolio websites that perfectly embrace the above three traits, and will inspire you to create yours. 30+ Beautiful Artist Websites That You Should Not Miss. AshaAung Helmstetter. Seattle based AshaAung Helmstetter is a contemporary portrait painter, who often works with oil paints in heavy textures.

Seth B. - 2D Artist Music Production Game Design ...
    View profile. 2D Artist Music Production Game Design. $20.00 /hr. I'm a 2D artist who does traditional animation, digital painting, and sketches. I enjoy making backgrounds, working with bitmap/vector graphics, and creating character concepts. I usually work with video game assets, but I'm more than happy to produce content for similar mediums.

Davorin Pavlović - 2D Artist - Soft2bet LinkedIn
    At Eipix Entertainment I’ve worked as a 2D artist. My tasks were to create HOPA game’s art assets, scenes, zoom zones, mini-games and graphic for other purposes – UI and icons. I’m able to create the game scenes from concept to final without supervision, or to match the style of the art …Title: 2D Artist at Soft2bet

Animator【Job Description, Salary & Benefits】
    Previously, animation was done manually, with animators drawing multiple frames to depict a single action, i.e. the kind of animation that you witnessed during a typical scene from the Hanna-Barbera cartoon, Tom and Jerry. Today, computer-generated imagery (CGI) has mostly replaced manual animation, but a significant amount of artistic talent is still required.

AP 2-D Art and Design – AP Students College Board
    AP 2-D Art and Design can lead to a wide range of careers and college majors. Explore Your Future. Career Areas 60. Majors 11. Additional Information. Choosing Your AP Courses. How to Sign Up for an AP Course . Join Your AP Class Section Online. Previous Why …

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