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[2D Artist] Looking for Programmer or Team. : INAT
    [2D Artist] Looking for Programmer or Team. Team Needed Hello, I am a hobby artist looking to see if people would like to make a hobby/Rev-Share project for Mobile or Steam release single player game.

2D artist looking for programmer - Game Jolt
    Im experienced 2D artist and im looking for a programmer who can create simple game which use a lot of fun physic and gravity. I have idea and now im creating assets for the game. The game will be simple,easy, original and fun.

Beginner 2D Artist looking for a beginner programmer ...
    Beginner 2D Artist looking for a beginner programmer. Alvin Posts: 1 Member. July 2020 edited October 2020 in Professional Trade. Hello. I am looking for a person with programming skills on GDScript / mb Python. I would like this relationship to be friendly. I'm new, so I'm ready for you to be new. As for the payment, if you are ready to ...

2d artist Jobs Glassdoor,9.htm
    Iron Galaxy Studios is looking for a talented, passionate, and motivated Concept Artist to join our team as an artistic visionary and ensure our visual elements are of the highest quality for our projects…Working closely with talented designers, artists and programmers at Iron Galaxy, the Concept Artist inspires a team of game artists through visual designs and inspirational illustrations…

2D artist looking for programmer Thread - Mod DB
    Mar 25, 2016 · Im 2D vector graphic artist - about 5 years into art. And im looking for programmer - really good programmer and i would love to make indie game with him. I dont have any idea so feel free to share it with me We can also do games on any platform and genre, i will fully enjoy just making game. Of course game will be profit share if we earn anything.

Programmer looking for 2D artist -
    Jan 14, 2019 · Programmer looking for 2D artist 2019-01-15 16:18:38. Hi All, My name is Floris, 30 years old and I am starting to learn game programming through unity but i have no art skills. So looking for artist to work with. My idea is to start with platformer (bit like Megaman X).

[REV-SHARE] Artist looking for a programmer - Help Wanted ...
    Dec 16, 2019 · I'm looking for a programmer who has experience in developing 2D games to work alongside to create professional and fun games for mobile/pc. I'm an artist with several fully designed released and wip titles but would also like to work on more indie games. The ideal partner would be able to take designs to a complete working game.

[RevShare] Looking for programmer, 2d artist (UI) and 3d ...
    Mar 24, 2020 · Programmer (1/2) (knows multiplayer/Mirror) 3d artist (3/4) 2d artist (1/2) (UI and icons) This is a revenue sharing project and the revenue will be calculated by the amount of work done by each person. Feel free to ask any questions. You can send your experience or resume here or to [email protected] or add me on Discord itsnottme#0607

Programmer looking for 2D Artist - Hobby Project ...
    Jun 15, 2017 · I am a fairly experienced programmer with skills primarily in Unity and I'm looking for an artist to help me with my game. The game is called "Dim" and will be a puzzle-platformer or metroidvania-platformer. The narrative will come as the product develops. My initial idea for art style was a …

Ceasar Howe – 2D Artist and Programmer
    Ceasar Howe – 2D Artist and UI Programmer. Skip to entry content. 2D Artwork. Materials, Lighting, and Other Studies. Studies into Lighting and Material as part of the Game Design curriculum. Software used is Photoshop CC. Heroes Vs Villains.

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