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Portrait Artists, 20th Century - Art Encyclopedia
    In addition to artists from these specific schools, the twentieth century saw the emergence of several individual portrait painters, such as the versatile Graham Sutherland, the expressive surrealist Francis Bacon, the classical Lucien Freud and the famous "impastoist" Frank Auerbach. Graham Sutherland …

20th Century portraits - National Portrait Gallery
    A selection of portraits in the 20th Century up to 2000, many of which are on display at the Gallery can be browsed below, or explore teachers notes on twelve 20th Century portraits. Portraits below are listed in chronological order. Teachers' notes: Twelve 20th Century portraits

20th-Century Painters, Artists - Art Encyclopedia
    Turner Prize Winner; produces highly coloured contemporary ethnic paintings. • 20TH CENTURY FIGURATIVE PAINTERS Graham Sutherland (1903-80) Noted for his portraits, religious painting and tapestry art. Lucian Freud (1922-2011) British realist - one of the best portrait artists …

Artists A-Z - National Portrait Gallery
    The Art for Schools Association (active early 20th century). 1 Portrait. Arthur & Philbric. 1 Portrait. Unknown Delhi artist. 1 Portrait. J. Artlett (active 1845). 1 Portrait. Richard Austin Artlett (1807-1873). 11 Portraits. Richard William Artlett (1834-1900). 1 Portrait. Art Photogravure Co Ltd. 12 Portraits. Art Printers Ltd. 1 Portrait

19th Century Paintings - Bedford Fine Art Gallery - 19th ...
    As a collector of fine art, I was looking for a local gallery for viewing and purchase of 19th and early 20th century paintings, particularly those artists native to Western Pennsylvania that formed the Scalp Level school. Following an internet search, I found the Bedford Fine Art Gallery website.

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