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1839 Chartist Petition - UK Parliament
    1839 Chartist Petition The Chartists' first act was to gather together signatures to a mass petition to Parliament asking for political reform. It was almost three miles long and contained 1,280,000 signatures from all over the country.

First Chartist petition, 1839 chartist ancestors
    Feb 21, 2018 · The first Chartist petition had more than 1,280,000 names and was three miles long. This page recounts the story of its presentation to Parliament in 1839 and sets out the full text of the petition.

First National Petition - JOHN COLLINS ~ CHARTIST
    The first Chartist Petition, properly known as the "National Petition," was sponsored by the Birmingham Political Union. The Petition received public support for legislative reform at demonstrations and meetings in Scotland and the North of England, culminating in a grand rally at Holloway Head in Birmingham.

Chartist Petitions - Spartacus Educational
    The first Chartist petition was presented to the House of Commons on 7th May, 1839 by Thomas Attwood, John Fielden and Joseph Hume. Although the petition contained over 1,280,000 names, when the debate on the motion that the petitioners be heard in the House of Commons took place on 12th July 1839, it was rejected by 235 votes to 46.

First Chartist Petition COVE
    First Chartist Petition On 14 June 14 1849, the First Chartist Petition was presented to the House of Commons. The Petition was summarily rejected without a hearing on 12 July, 1849. The Petition sought universal male suffrage, a secret ballot, and parliamentary reform.

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