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Thomas Jones (artist) - Wikipedia
    Thomas Jones (26 September 1742 – 29 April 1803) was a Welsh landscape painter. He was a pupil of Richard Wilson and was best known in his lifetime as a painter of Welsh and Italian landscapes in the style of his master.

Romanticism in the Welsh Landscape Current Exhibitions ...
    As a genre, landscape grew increasing popular, and by the 19th Century had moved away from a classical rendition to a more realistic view of the natural world. Two of the greatest British landscape artists of that time were John Constable and JMW Turner, whose works can be seen in the Tate collection ( ).

Artistic Impressions of Nineteenth Century Industrial ...
    19th-Century Industrial South Wales Below you will find a series of paintings and photographs depicting industrial scenes from 19th century south Wales. Artists were already capturing the Welsh landscape by the late 18th century in what was the beginning of the so-called "Romance period" of painting that reached its zenith during the Victorian era.

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