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Best Album Covers of the 70s - Vocal
    Blue Oyster Cult’s self-titled album is easily one of the most iconic pieces of artwork from the 70s. The band has become famous for being referenced in an SNL skit, with Will Farrell calling for more cowbell. However the band had a huge following before that, and maintains a loyal fan base to this day.

70 Classic album covers to remind us how cool the 70s ...
    Talking Heads’ singer David Byrne was the one to think up the idea for this album cover, with artist Jimmy De Sana being tasked with bringing that vision to life. It’s a mosaic made up of more than 500 Polaroid photographs, creating an overall image of the band members standing in place on a …

Seventies' Greatest Album Covers
    Beginning in the late Sixties and throughout the Seventies, rock album covers ran the gamut of themes, styles and portraiture, from the sublime sky blue cover of Plastic Ono Band's Live Peace in Toronto 1969 to Robert Mapplethorpe's enduring photograph of Patti Smith for Horses to the anti-art of Never Mind The Bollocks... Here's The Sex Pistols.

460 LP Covers: 1970-1971 ideas album covers, lp cover, album
    Apr 21, 2016 - Record album covers from primarily rock and pop artists from 1970 and 1971. See more ideas about album covers, lp cover, album.461 pins

Album Cover Artists: The Master List - Rate Your Music
    An extensive guide to RYMer lists showcasing illustrators, painters, and designers of album art. Sorted alphabetically by the cover artist's last name. See also: [List67771] [~alabaster]'s [List23882]

Top 10 Trippy Album Covers - Judging Records By Their Covers
    Sep 21, 2020 · Bitches Brew, 1970, Miles Davis This 1970 album marked Davis’ fusion of traditional jazz and psychedelic rock. This visionary move needed a visionary album cover. The sleeve featured a painting by German Artist Mati Klarwein, who’s surreal work led …

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