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1964 Ears Unboxing & Endorsement Announcement! - YouTube
    I’m extremely happy to announce that as of TODAY I am now apart of the family!I recently signed an endorsement deal with them and I c...

1964 Ears Artist unboxing & review Qi & Adel 6 - YouTube
    Unboxing our brand new custom in ear monitors by 1964 ears as artist endorsers for the company(Natural Wonder). V Series Model Qi(4 driver) & Adel Series A6(...

Eric Parker for 1964 Ears!!! - SPUR OF THE MOMENT
    Eric Parker for 1964 EarsEP's Endorsement!!!! As an artist I apprehend the price of this net website because of the truth there are many thoughts for me righthere on this internet website on line.

64 Audio
    Innovation. Revolutionary in-ear technologies only from 64 Audio. Learn more Play Video.

Endorsements — Damian Erskine
    When they got stolen while touring in Mexico, I decided to try some other brands just to see what was out there. It turns out that I had made the right decision the first time. While I found a lot of 'ears' that sounded very good, I also found that I consistently missed my 1964 Ears. Click on the photo to be taken directly to the 1964 Ears website

1964 Ears Artist Spotlight - Graham Saber (Marcus G) - YouTube
    Jan 07, 2014 · Graham Saber (Marcus G) Talks about 1964 EarsOn the Reset Tour in Portland OregonAuthor: 64 Audio

Artist Endorsement Application - Cosmic Ears
    Artist Endorsement Application You are here: Home 1 / Artist Endorsement Application Thank you for your interest in Cosmic Ears, if you are looking for an endorsement of our custom in-ear monitors, please fill in this form.

1964 Ears Artist Spotlight - Serge Lysak - YouTube
    1964 Ears Artist Spotlight - Serge Lysak

1964 Ears Artist Spotlight- Buddha Divine Raaga - YouTube
    Aug 27, 2015 · 1964 Ears Artist Spotlight- Buddha Divine RaagaAuthor: 64 Audio

9 Times History’s Greatest Artists Made Bad Artworks
    Dec 06, 2018 · How the masterly hands behind the Sistine Chapel ceiling or The Starry Night (1889) could conceivably create anything atrocious is confounding, but even art history’s virtuosi managed some pretty dire blunders.Overworked pictures, wonky perspective, and amusing anatomical misinterpretations are usually chalked up to anomalies, redeemed by other tour-de-force accomplishments.

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