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The Artists Who Gave 1960s Pulp Fiction Its Killer Look ...
    1960s 1970s Art Books Sex Exhibitions Gianluigi Coppola Giorgio De Gaspari Ian Robertson Michael Johnson Pino Dell’Orco pulp fiction Renato Fratini The Artists Who Gave 1960s Pulp Fiction Its Killer Look Illustrating "daydreams for the frustrated and the sick” Michael Johnson's 'Bang' (c1964-5)Estimated Reading Time: 1 min

The Lost Comics of the 1960s – Mother Jones
    Oct 28, 2011 · Joe Sinnott, one of marvel’s most in-demand inkers, worked with Kirby on The Fantastic Four in the late ’60s, and still inks the Sunday Spider-Man comic for King Features. Sign up for our free ...Estimated Reading Time: 7 mins

Pencil Ink
    Artists Adams (454) Baker (331) Barks (323) Brunner (123) Byrne (299) Ditko (450) Frazetta (269) Jones (73) Kirby (461) Kubert (381) Manning (243) Miller (214) Newton (182) Nino (184) Ploog (125) Redondo (143) Rogers (157) Simonson (194) Smith (183) Starlin (233) Steranko (99) Toth (400) Williamson (365) Wood (420) Wrightson (255)

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