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Electric - 1958 Silvertone
    1958 Vintage Silvertone 1302 1317 Advanced U made in USA This is a 1958 Silvertone (made right here in the USA by Danelectro) Advanced-U. Vintage guitar. When I found this guitar it was covered in a weird, thick, dry-foamy kind of. uh.uh.well, like a spray-on …

Simon's Musical Den: Silvertone Artist, 1958
    Aug 11, 2008 · Silvertone Artist, 1958 This guitar was made by the Valco company of Chicago, for the Sears Roebuck department store house brand Silvertone. Valco also made the National line of guitars and amps, the ‘budget’ Supro line, and a range of brands incuding Oahu and other department store house brands like Airline for Montgomery Ward.

1958 Silvertone Artist Rhythm Tone - YouTube
    Mar 26, 2011 · Here's a short clip of my '58 Silvertone Rhythm Tone, played through a 1968 Fender Princeton Reverb into a Honey Bee overdrive pedal. This is a particularly ...Author: kingdanielm

1958 Silvertone Artist (Supro) Luthier Talk
    Sep 27, 2014 · the things we luthiers have to go through just to make one guitar work out right.. anyway this 1958 Silvertone Artist model 1522s is back on track to be finished.. now all I have to do is to rebuild the original case.. bruce bennett, Apr 9, 2014

Silvertone Artist 1522S 1958 Black Price Guide Reverb
    Silvertone Artist 1522S 1958 Black. Shop 0 Listings Sell one like this. ... When Gibson Put Moog Preamps In Guitars: Les Paul Artists, ES Artists, and RDs. Gear History. Shop Gear Categories Brands Shops Deals and Steals Price Drops 0% Financing New …

The Fabulous '50s - Silvertone Guitars - The Roots of ...
    Just about every musical icons of the ’60s played their first notes on Silvertone guitars in the 1950s. Jimi Hendrix named his 1956 Silvertone “Betty Jean,” after his girlfriend. Bob Dylan rocked a 1319 in 1958. At least one 1950s-era Silvertone can be heard on Dylan’s 2006 release, “Modern Times.”

Vintage Silvertone Artist The Gear Page
    Mar 26, 2010 · I finally had some time to get some pictures of my 1958 Silvertone Artist, also known as the 1522S Rhythm Tone. Anyone who knows the Valco/Supro/National/Silvertone line is probably familiar with the body style, pickups, etc. and the fact that all of these aforementioned brands shared that body style for Dual Tones, Belmonts, and Stylists.

Silvertone World ~ Acoustic Guitars ~ 1940s ~ Model 293 ...
    The Silvertone 293/5 'Artist' models were part of a 'titled' line of Silvertone guitars offered by Sears in the years before World War II. Built by Kay, with a rosewood capped pearl-inlaid headstock and striking 'shark fin' fret markers, this guitar was available in blonde and 'violin brown.' Adirondack spruce top with maple back and sides, an ...

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