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The Story of 1950s Art Widewalls
    Nov 09, 2016 · Abstract Expressionism as Synonym for 1950s Art As complex art movement in late 1940s, abstract expressionism was logical continuation of the anti-figurative aesthetic of the European abstraction and Modernist styles.

Fine art of the 1950s timeline Timetoast timelines
    Oct 1, 1950, Peanuts art revolution lasts three-quarters of a century Dec 3, 1951, LIFE magazine photo essay, "The midwife" May 6, 1957, Boris Pasternak's, "Dr. Zhivago" wins Nobel Jan 1, …

Abstract Expressionism Definition, History, Facts, & Artists
    Abstract Expressionism, broad movement in American painting that began in the late 1940s and became a dominant trend in Western painting during the 1950s. The most prominent American Abstract Expressionist painters were Jackson Pollock, Willem de Kooning, Franz Kline, and Mark Rothko.

The 1950s - American Culture & Society - HISTORY
    Apr 16, 2020 · The Abstract Expressionism of Jackson Pollock and Willem de Kooning signaled a new age in art, paving the way for the Pop Art of artists like Andy Warhol in the 1960s. 1950s …

Art Now and Then: 1950s Art
    Oct 12, 2017 · Several months ago (actually, more like several years ago) I began a series exploring in some depth the art of the 20th-Century.I arbitrarily started with the art of the 1960s.From there I've covered the art of the 1970s, 1980s, and 1990s.I should logically move on to the art of the 2000s, but not only does that seem like an awkward title, it's actually the first decade of the 21st-century.

Modern Art (1900–50) Art History Teaching Resources
    Some themes central to artists in the period from 1900 to 1950 that could frame this lecture include: ... Dada has been referred to as an “anti-art” movement due to its iconoclastic nature and its tendency to critique and question the very principles underlying the commissioning, creation, and dissemination of art. Begun in Zürich in 1916 ...

List of art movements - Wikipedia
    See Art periods for a chronological list.. This is a list of art movements in alphabetical order. These terms, helpful for curricula or anthologies, evolved over time to group artists who are often loosely related.Some of these movements were defined by the members themselves, while other terms emerged decades or centuries after the periods in question.

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