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WPA Federal Art Project United States history Britannica
    WPA Federal Art Project, first major attempt at government patronage of the visual arts in the United States and the most extensive and influential of the visual arts projects conceived during the Depression of the 1930s by the administration of President Franklin D. Roosevelt.It is often confused with the Department of the Treasury art programs (Treasury Section of Painting and Sculpture ...

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    The poster was created in the style …. Detail, 'California Industrial Scenes' (1933) by American painter John Langley Howard (1902-1999). Mural for the Coit Tower, SF, a project funded by the WPA. via x-ray delta one on flickr. Diego Rivera Art. Diego Rivera Frida Kahlo.68 pins

Federal Art Project - Wikipedia
    95 rows · Mar 23, 2004 · The Federal Art Project (1935–1943) was a New Deal program to fund the …

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