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    Boggs is deemed by contemporary old-time musicians and performers as a seminal figure in old-time music, at least in part because of the appearance of two of his recordings from the 1920s, "Sugar Baby" and "Country Blues", on the influential Anthology of American Folk Music collection.

1920 Music - Pop Standards and Artists
    Al Jolson was known as “The World’s Greatest Entertainer” – the highest-paid and most well-known actor/singer/comedian of the 1920s and 30s. Swannee was originally sung by Al but was written by George Gershwin.

1920s Music History including Twenties Styles, Bands And ...
    During the Twenties, blues was almost exclusively played by black musicians and was only popular within the black community. One of the most important blues singers of the decade was Mamie Smith. Mamie Smith is credited with making the first recorded blues vocal …

Music/Literature/Arts - Culture of the 1920s
    The 1920s were also known as the "Jazz Age." This was because new music (Jazz) was being played and made. Popular Jazz musicians included King Oliver, Louis Armstrong, Kid Ory, and Duke Ellington. No one had quote heard anything like it before in America.

America in the 1920s: Jazz age & roaring 20s (article ...
    Movies, radio, and sports in the 1920s. American culture in the 1920s. This is the currently selected item. Nativism and fundamentalism in the 1920s. Practice: America in the 1920s. Next lesson. The Great Depression. Sort by: Top Voted. Movies, radio, and sports in the 1920s.

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