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Jazz Culture: The 1920s
    Artists such as King Oliver, Louis Armstrong, Kid Ory, and Duke Ellington define the future of jazz in the United States and abroad. Race Records: Learn about the origins of Race Records and the increase in the number of these recordings made in the 1920s.

New Orleans Jazz Of The 1920s — Various Artists
    31 rows · Listen free to Various Artists – New Orleans Jazz Of The 1920s (Brush Stomp, Grandma's …

Paris 1920s Jazz Age People And Places Montmartre ...
    Everyone wanted Jazz, it was the craze that defined 1920s Paris culture. Because Bullard had connections in the growing black musicians’ community in Montmartre and among his upper class air force friends, he was soon organising jazz band gigs at society parties and weddings.

Jazz moves Up River - University of Minnesota Duluth
    In the early 1920s, the first real stars of jazz surfaced. Artists such as King Oliver, Louis Armstrong, and Kid Ory established well known reputations for their original jazz music. The New Orleans jazz bands of the early 1920s consited of three voices (cornet, clarinet, and trombone) and a rythm section.

Jazz and Black Politics In the 1920s – Occidental Dissent
    Oct 11, 2020 · “The Jazz Age, as the 1920s was sometimes called, owed its name to the music created by African American musicians working in New Orleans at the turn of the century. By the 1920s it had spread to the rest of the country. White musicians learned to play jazz, and white audiences gathered to listen and to dance.

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