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Canada A Country by Consent: The Roaring Twenties: Arts ...
    More Canadian writers were beginning to emerge in the 1920s. A group of McGill university poets became known as "the Montreal group" - F.R. Scott, A.M. Klein, Leo Kennedy and A.J.M. Smith . Quebecois writers like Ringuet and Alfred Desrochers focussed mainly on describing rural life in the twenties and Ringuet's novel, Thirty Acres , was the first to describe Quebec farm life realistically.

Arts and Fashion in Canada 1920s SchoolWorkHelper
    Group of 7 – Canada had a burst of artistic influence in the late WWI period and through the interwar (1920’s and 1930’s). For the first time a group of Canadian painters got together and decided to paint their interpretations of the Canadian landscape.

Group of Seven (artists) - Wikipedia
    The Group of Seven, also sometimes known as the Algonquin School, was a group of Canadian landscape painters from 1920 to 1933, originally consisting of Franklin Carmichael (1890–1945), Lawren Harris (1885–1970), A. Y. Jackson (1882–1974), Frank Johnston (1888–1949), Arthur Lismer (1885–1969), J. E. H. MacDonald (1873–1932), and Frederick Varley (1881–1969).

Canadian Art in the 1920's & 30's by Michael Bida
    The Group of Seven. "North Shore, Lake Superior" Lawren Stewart Harris. "Serenity, Lake of the Woods" Francis Hans Johnston. Written Work. -A uniquely Canadian art movement came forth in the 20's, doing away with learned European styles and techniques.

Canadian Artists - Art cyclopedia
    Canadian artists: List of great Canadian artists and index to where their art can be viewed at art museums worldwide. Artists by Nationality: Canadian Artists Chronological Listing Use ctrl-F ... Born 1920: Painter : Gershon Iskowitz: 1921-1988: Painter : Betty Goodwin: Born 1923: Painter : Jean Paul Riopelle: 1923-2002: Painter : Miriam ...

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