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Art Movements of the 1920s - OER2Go
    Expressionism and Surrealism were popular art movements in the 1920s that originated in Europe. Surrealism involved elements of surprise and unexpected juxtapositions, and both movements embraced a philosophy of nonconformity. Dada began in Zurich and …

Art Deco Movement Overview TheArtStory
    In fact, the Art Deco style was, among other things, a celebration of the machine age, which found expression in the sleek new machines for transport, such as trains, cars, motorcycles, and ships. Proponents of the movement paid homage to the social and physical liberation that technological innovations brought in the 1920s.

Periods in Western art history - Wikipedia
    Devetsil 1920 – 1931 Group of Seven 1920 – 1933, Canada Harlem renaissance 1920 – 1930s, United States American scene painting c. 1920 – 1945, United States New Objectivity (Neue Sachlichkeit) 1920s, Germany Grupo Montparnasse 1922, France Northwest School (art) Hi's – 1940s, United States Social realism, 1929, international

Harlem Renaissance - Definition, Artists & How It Started ...
    Jan 21, 2021 · The Harlem Renaissance was the development of the Harlem neighborhood in New York City as a Black cultural mecca in the early 20th Century …

Modern Art Movement Timeline TheArtStory
    Modern Art Movements: 1870s to 1980s: This timeline displays the major trends and movements in modern art, approximately dated to when they began, or when they gained prominence. Please visit this page on your desktop computer to see this timeline. Click on any movement for a quick overview and further information.

Timeline of Art History - Art Movements and Styles
    2 days ago · Timeline of art movements and art styles: Renaissance, Baroque, Rococo, Impressionism, Surrealism and others. Art history through progress and evolution.

What are four major social movements of the 1920s ...
    The 1920s was a time of technological and social advances. These advances led to several new social movements. Flappers: In the USA the 19th Amendment was passed allowing women to …

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