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    1910's Children's LITTLE ARTIST DRAWING STENCIL ART BOX, Vintage Packaging. 100% Guaranteed Old and Authentic - NO REPRODUCTIONS. Approx. Size(inches): 8" x 5.5" Approx. Age: Early 1900's Condition: Good, see photos. Company: Milton Bradley Offering an antique, early century "Drawings Stencils for our Little Artist" art/ craft box with an elaborately illustrated cover.

Early 1900s Still-life Prints - 6 For Sale at 1stdibs
    Shop our wide selection of early 1900s still-life prints from the world's best galleries and artists at 1stdibs. Global shipping available. Early 1900s Still-life Prints - 6 For Sale at 1stdibs

Mural & Stencil Ideas for Early Homes - Old House Journal ...
    Nov 20, 2018 · Plain walls with a stenciled frieze at the ceiling, or a stencil pattern bordering doors and windows, were fashionable treatments around 1800. The more common all-over stencil designs date to the 1820s and ’30s. New England itinerant artist Rufus Porter rarely painted murals that portrayed an identifiable scene.

List of printmakers - Wikipedia
    Francesco Bartolozzi St, Et, En (invented colour stipple technique), (mostly worked in London, mostly reproductive) Bernardo Bellotto Et (worked mostly in Germany and Poland) Giovanni Domenico Campiglia En, Et (reproductive)

    Feb 05, 2015 · Stencils were used as decoration in the home, on furniture, and in works of art. Stenciling once again became popular for architectural designs in the early 20 th century, as craftsmen took advantage of mass-produced designs from an array of periods, including Renaissance, Victorian, and Art Deco. This stenciling style can still be found in ...

Laurelhurst Craftsman Bungalow: Reproduction Stencils
    Wall & Mural Stencils, Art Nouveau Iris. Alabastine Stencil Catalog, 1899. Wall & Mural Stencils, Art Nouveau Leaf. Blue Label Stencil Catalog, 1900. Craft Home, Jean Marie. Blue Label Stencil Catalog, 1900. Craft Home, Dahlia Frieze. Blue Label Stencil Catalog, 1900 and Montgomery Ward, 1915 and "Excelsior" Fresco Stencils, 1924. Craft Home ...

Historic Victorian Art Wallpapers Bradbury & Bradbury
    William Morris was a prolific designer of both wall and ceiling patterns for wallpaper, but many of Morris & Co's most impressive interiors were stenciled and hand painted.

Artists — Google Arts & Culture
    Explore all Artists on Google Arts & Culture.

List of glass artists - Wikipedia
    Marge Organo, contemporary glass artist; Poland. Zbigniew Horbowy (1935–2019) Józef Mehoffer (1869–1946) Tomasz Urbanowicz (b. 1959) Sweden. Vicke Lindstrand (1904–1983) United Kingdom. Charles Bray (1922–2012) Freda Coleborn (1911–1965) Sam Herman (b ...

Influential Events and Inventions of the Early 1900s
    Nov 08, 2019 · June 1900–September 1901: When the bloody uprising known as the Boxer Rebellion occurs in China, the protest against foreigners ultimately leads to the end of the last imperial dynasty—the Qing (1644–1912). July 29: Italy's King Umberto is assassinated after several years of social unrest and the imposition of martial law.

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