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Russian Painting, 18th Century - Art Encyclopedia
    The late 18th century Russian painters Peter Sokolov (1752-1791), Ivan Akimov (1754-1814) and Gregory Ugryumov (1764-1823) followed in Losenko's wake, helping to establish the style he had evolved. Like Losenko, they painted in a manner which …

Russian Painting of the 18th – Early 20th Centuries
    The Hermitage collection is adequately represented by the canvases by Andrei Matveyev, Ivan Nikitin, Louis Caravaque, Ivan Vishnyakov, Ivan Argunov, Alexei Antropov, Feodor Rokotov, Dmitry Levitsky, Vladimir Borovikovsky. Many works by these masters in the Hermitage collection have become textbook examples of 18th-century Russian art. In the near future, the portraiture of the 19th-early 20th cc. will …

Russian Culture of the 18th Century :: History :: Culture ...
    The Russian army got horse artillery, hand grenades and bayonets. However, the principal achievement in the military science of the epoch was foundation of the Russian fleet, the most cherished brainchild of Peter the Great. See also: Russian Science of the 18th Century Russian Literature of the 18th Century Russian Architecture of 18th Century

Russian Art: History, Characteristics
    Talented Russian genre painters of the late 18th and early 19th century included: the Russian landscape pioneer Alexei Venetsianov (1780–1847), Yevgraf Krendovsky (1810-53), IA Ermenev (c.1746-1791), and the astute social commentator Pavel Fedotov (1815-52).

The most famous ancient Russian icon painters: top 10 ...
    In this article you will find out the names of the most famous ancient Russian icon painters (from the 11th to the 18th century), they study the information about famous artists of ancient Russia in the 4th grade, so adults are ashamed not to know!

18th century artists -
    Find a list of greatest artists and collections associated with 18th century at – the best visual art database. Find a list of greatest artists and collections associated with 18th century at – the best visual art database. {{selectedLanguage.Name}} ... Russian, 1682 - c.1750. 15 artworks. Antoine Pesne. German, 1683 ...

Ensemble Russian The Metropolitan Museum of Art
    Russian costume is characteristically voluminous with multiple layers. Beginning at the turn of the 18th century, the sarafan, a long, sleeveless dress, became the most popular article of peasant women's clothing in the Northern and Central regions of Russia.

The Greatest 18th Century Painters
    Find out more about the greatest 18th Century Painters, including J. M. W. Turner, Francisco Goya, Samuel Morse, Hokusai and Jacques-Louis David. Francisco Goya.

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