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Romanticism Definition, Characteristics, Artists ...
    Feb 02, 2021 · Romanticism, attitude that characterized works of literature, painting, music, architecture, criticism, and historiography in the West from the late 18th to the mid-19th century. It emphasized the individual, the subjective, the irrational, the imaginative, the personal, the emotional, and the visionary.

Romantic Artists (1775-1850) - Art Encyclopedia
    Among the many masters of Romantic painting, sculpture and printmaking of the 18th/19th century, were the following: Abildgaard, Nicolai (1743-1809) Danish Painter Allston, Washington (1779-1843) American Painter Amerling, Friedrich Von (1803-1887) Austrian Painter (Vienna)

Romanticism Movement Overview TheArtStory
    Summary of Romanticism. At the end of the 18 th century and well into the 19 th, Romanticism quickly spread throughout Europe and the United States to challenge the rational ideal held so tightly during the Enlightenment.The artists emphasized that sense and emotions - not simply reason and order - were equally important means of understanding and experiencing the world.

Romanticism: The "Emotional" Art Movement of the 18th and ...
    Nov 20, 2007 · What was Romanticism? Well, although the name may sound a bit lovey-dovey, as an art (and literary) movement Romanticism really had nothing to do with love or romance. It DID have everything to do with emotion, however—Romanticism came about in the middle of the 18th century as a reaction to classical thoughts and ideas.

Romanticism - Art cyclopedia
    Artists by Movement: Romanticism Late 18th Century to Mid 19th Century Romanticism might best be described as anticlassicism. A reaction against Neoclassicism, it is a deeply-felt style which is individualistic, exotic, beautiful and emotionally wrought. Although Romanticism and Neoclassicism were philosophically opposed, they were the dominant European styles for generations, and many artists ...

The Art Forms of 18th Century: Realism, Romanticism and ...
    The romanticism style which was full of emotion and realism style which portrayed the art in the most real way possible. These art styles are closely related to what was happening during the 18th and 19th century which was the fighting, the revolutions and the people of that time.

History of Art:Romanticism - Gothic Revival
    The 18th and 19th Centuries : Neoclassicism and Romanticism (Neoclassicism, Romanticism and Art Styles in 19th century - Art Map)Gothic Revival : James Wyatt Augustus Welby Northmore Pugin Sir George Gilbert Scott

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