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    List of Neoclassical Artists Among the many Neoclassical masters of architecture, painting, sculpture and other visual arts in the 17th/18th century, were the following: Agasse, Jacques-Laurent (1767-1849) Swiss Painter (London) Alenza Y Nieto, Leonardo (1807-1845) Spanish Painter (Madrid)

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    The earliest Neoclassical painters were Joseph-Marie Vien, Anton Raphael Mengs, Pompeo Batoni, Angelica Kauffmann, and Gavin Hamilton, Those artists were active during the 1750s, ’60s, and ’70s. Each of those painters, though they may have used poses and figural arrangements from ancient sculptures and vase paintings, was strongly influenced by preceding stylistic trends.

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    The first phase of Neoclassicism in France is expressed in the “Louis XVI style” of architects like Ange-Jacques Gabriel (Petit Trianon, 1762–68) while the second phase is expressed in the late 18th-century Directoire style. Neoclassical architecture emphasizes its planar qualities, rather than sculptural volumes.

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    Archaeological finds in the 18th Century unearthed many examples of Roman and Greek sculpture, which provided inspiration for artists working in the period. The two figureheads of Neoclassical sculpture were Antonio Canova (Italian, 1757-1822) and Bertel Thorvaldsen (Danish, 1770-1844).

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    The works of Nicolas Poussin and Claude Lorrain were revered as the ideal exemplars of history painting, and both artists were primary influences upon Neoclassicism. Beginnings and Development. Concepts, Trends, & Related Topics. Later Developments and Legacy. Key Artists.

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    May 14, 2019 · Ornate domed ceilings, frescoes commanding entire walls, and towering columns appeared all over Europe throughout the 18th century. Some of the most iconic banks and government buildings facades that still exist today emerged during the Neoclassical period. Examples of Neoclassical Art Giovanni Paolo Panini, “Ancient Rome”

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    Concurrently with, and in the face of, Neoclassicism, Romanticism was also emerging. Jacques-Louis David is the best-known Neoclassical artist; two of his most famous works are Oath of the Horatii (1784) and Death of Marat (1793).

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