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Collecting guide: Portrait miniatures - Fine Art, Antiques ...
    Nicholas Hilliard (1547-1619) was a goldsmith and jeweller and one of the most famous early pioneers of portrait miniature painting. He was patronised by Queen Elizabeth I, who sometimes wore his portraits pinned to her clothing, and high-ranking members of her court. Nicholas Hilliard (British, 1547-1619) .Estimated Reading Time: 7 mins

Best Miniaturists, Greatest Limners - Art Encyclopedia
    Appointed the official Painter in Miniatures and Enamels to King George III, the 18th-century English miniaturist Jeremiah Meyer also drew the king's portrait for various sets of coinage. No relation to the French artist Constance Meyer, along with Richard Cosway, Ozias Humphrey, and John Smart, he was one of the leading European miniaturists of the period.

A History of the Portrait Miniature - Victoria and Albert ...
    In the late 1760s a number of young artists became miniaturists, including Richard Cosway, John Smart and Richard Crosse, all born around 1742. From the age of 14, these boys took lessons at William Shipley 's new drawing school, the first such school in London. Jeremiah Meyer, …

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    Hans Holbein the Younger Simon George of Cornwall,1536-37 Anne of Cleves,1539 Edward IV as a child,1543 Francois Clouet Unknown Lady,c.1545 Catherine de Medici,1555 Unknown Lady, c.1550 Unknown Lady possibly Mary Queen of Scots,c.1555 Mariana of Austria,c.1560 Mary Queen of Scots,c.1565 Portrait of Claude Gouffier,c.1568 Margaret of Valois,1572 Margaret of Valois,1570s Henriette de Clèves…449 pins

18th century Miniature Portrait French Antiques
    Lemoine Bouchard Fine Arts. 18 th century. Nicolas LAVREINCE (1737-1807)- Man in blue miniature anc. coll. Boni de Castellane.

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    Feb 05, 2017 · A. Lemuel Francis Abbott ‎ (3 C, 1 P, 78 F) Josef Abel ‎ (1 C, 1 P, 24 F) Bernardus Accama ‎ (1 P, 22 F) Cristóbal de Aguilar ‎ (1 P, 8 F) Johan Ahlberg ‎ (4 F) William Aikman ‎ (1 C, 1 P, 52 F) Konstanty Aleksandrowicz ‎ (1 P, 30 F) John Alexander (painter) ‎ (4 F)

Artists A-Z - National Portrait Gallery
    Frederick Sem (circa 1835-active 1891). 5 Portraits. L. Sen (active 18th century). 1 Portrait. Mauricio José do Carmo Sendim (1786-1870). 1 Portrait. Gaspar Sensi (1794-1880). 1 Portrait. Pierre Athasie Théodore Senties (1801-active 1869). 2 Portraits. Emma Sergeant (1959-). 3 Portraits. Antoine Louis François Sergent (1751-1847). 1 Portrait ...

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