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French artist born in 1887 in what is now part of Belarus ...
    French artist born in 1887 in what is now part of Belarus Today's crossword puzzle clue is a general knowledge one: French artist born in 1887 in what is now part of Belarus. We will try to find the right answer to this particular crossword clue. Here are the possible solutions for "French artist born in 1887 in what is now part of Belarus" clue.

Marcel Duchamp Biography & Artwork Britannica
    Alternative Title: Henri-Robert-Marcel Duchamp Marcel Duchamp, in full Henri-Robert-Marcel Duchamp, (born July 28, 1887, Blainville, France—died October 2, 1968, Neuilly), French artist who broke down the boundaries between works of art and everyday objects.

List of French artists - Wikipedia
    The following is a chronological list of French artists working in visual or plastic media (plus, for some artists of the 20th century, performance art).For alphabetical lists, see the various subcategories of Category:French artists.See other articles for information on French literature, French music, French cinema and French culture

List of French artistic movements - Wikipedia
    Constantin Brâncuși (1876–1957) (French, born in Romania) Raoul Dufy (1877–1953) Amedeo Modigliani (1884–1920) (Italian, worked in Paris) Marc Chagall (1887–1985) (French, born in Belarus) Chaïm Soutine (1894–1943) (French, born in Lithuania) Tachism or L'art informel. See also Abstract Expressionism, Cobra group, Lyrical Abstraction.

French Artists - Art cyclopedia
    French artists: List of great French artists and index to where their art can be viewed at art museums worldwide. Artists by Nationality: ... 1887-1968: Conceptual Artist : Valentine Hugo: 1887-1968: Painter : Roger Bissiere: 1888-1964: Painter : Jean Dufy: 1888-1964: Painter : Louis Icart: 1888-1950: Painter/Illustrator : Jean Cocteau:

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