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Pierre-Auguste Renoir - Wikipedia
    Pierre-Auguste Renoir (French: [pjɛʁ oɡyst ʁənwaʁ]; 25 February 1841 – 3 December 1919) was a French artist who was a leading painter in the development of the Impressionist style. As a celebrator of beauty and especially feminine sensuality, it has been said that "Renoir is the final representative of a tradition which runs directly from Rubens to Watteau."

Women artists - Wikipedia
    Although women artists have been involved in the making of art throughout history, their work, when compared to that of their male counterparts, has been often obfuscated, overlooked and undervalued. Many of their works have been wrongly attributed to men artists. Prevailing stereotypes about the sexes have caused certain media, such as textile or fiber arts, to be primarily associated with ...

List of British artists - Wikipedia
    Maude Goodman (1853–1938) (a.k.a. Matilda Scanes) – English Victorian fine art painter and children’s book illustrator, Romantic genre paintings Caroline Gotch (1854–1945) – English painter associated with the Newlyn School of artists

19th Century Paintings - Bedford Fine Art Gallery - 19th ...
    Their vocation, as geologists, has prepared them for the exacting work they do in collecting and displaying fine 18th, 19th, and 20th century artwork by recognized artists of the respective periods. Jerry and Joan allow the visitor to wander, at leisure, through three floors of paintings worthy of any fine home where art of this caliber is ...

The Golden Age of Illustration - Art cyclopedia: The Fine ...
    Artists by Movement: The Golden Age of Illustration 1880's to 1920's The Golden Age of Illustration was a period of unprecedented excellence in book and magazine illustration. It developed from advances in technology permitting accurate and inexpensive reproduction of art, combined with a voracious public demand for new graphic art.

12 Famous Landscape Artists You Should Know
    Jul 14, 2020 · 12 Famous Landscape Artists You Should Know. While oil paintings probably jump to mind when thinking amount landscapes, artists have long incorporated numerous other techniques. These include etching, watercolor, and drawing, the latter of which famous landscape artists like Leonardo da Vinci mastered.. From ancient Chinese pioneers to Old Masters, to notable modern landscape artists…

Art - Wikipedia
    Art is a diverse range of human activities involving the creation of visual, auditory or performing artifacts (), which express the creator's imagination, conceptual ideas, or technical skill, intended to be appreciated primarily for their beauty or emotional power. Other activities related to the production of works of art include art criticism and the history of art.

Darwin, C. R. 1872. The expression of the emotions in man ...
    Fine music, from the vague emotions thus excited, causes a shiver to run down the backs of some persons. There seems to be very little in common in the above several physical causes and emotions to account for trembling; and Sir J. Paget, to whom I am indebted for several of the above statements, informs me that the subject is a very obscure one.

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