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American Impressionists of the Late 1800s and Early 1900s
    In the later 1880s, Willard "Willy" Metcalf visited and summered four times at Giverny, northwest of Paris. Giverny had been home to the famous impressionist Claude Monet since 1883. Although Metcalf knew the older French painter, it was the rustic village itself that drew the young American to the area.

American Artists: Artcyclopedia
    1800-1880: Painter : Charles Codman: 1800-1842 : Harriet Cany Peale: 1800-1869: Painter : Sarah Miriam Peale: 1800-1885: Painter : Thomas Cole: 1801-1848: Painter : Henry Inman: 1801-1846: Painter : John Quidor: 1801-1881: Painter : Hyppolyte Victor Valentin Sebron: 1801-1897 : Royall Brewster Smith: 1801-1855 : William Allen Wall: 1801-1885: Painter : Samuel Jordan: 1803-1831 : …

American Art in the 1800’s
    American Art in the 1800’s. American Art in the 1800’s. America, for many years, was behind Europe in the arts. The American people were so busy laying the foundations for their unique society that fine art was not a major priority. Gould commented: During the years of Joseph Smith's physical maturity, (about 1830-44) in which the "photograph" would have been made, portraiture was a much sought after …

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