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Venetian Painting in the Later Sixteenth Century
    Overview. By the middle of the sixteenth century, a new generation of painters began to challenge Titian's dominance over Venetian art. The three most important artists to do so were Tintoretto, Veronese, and Jacopo Bassano. The paintings on this tour display the variety of painting styles practiced by these younger contemporaries of Titian.

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    Of the three painters who dominated Venetian art in the sixteenth century, Titian was by far the oldest. Universally admired, even by Vasari, despite the latter’s bias against colore in favor of disegno (drawing) , he was the first Italian artist to garner a truly international reputation, becoming the chosen painter of a papal family and two emperors.

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    Titian’s pupil Paris Bordone (1495 – 1570), was also a highly praised Venetian artist of the 16th century. Jacopo Bassano (1515 – 1592) was born near Venice and his sons Francesco the Younger (1549 – 1592) and Leandro Bassano (1557 – 1622) ran a successful workshop in Venice during the 16th Century.

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    Palma il Vecchio (c. 1480-1528): Also known as Jacopo Negretti, he painted popular mythological scenes and rose to prominence after the death of Giovanni Bellini and Giorgione. Lorenzo Lotto (1480-1556): Lotto was one of the most influential artists of the era, though he …

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    Lorenzo Lotto (1480-1556) The most interesting and individual of Titian's contemporaries is Lorenzo Lotto (1480-1556) who, though Venetian by birth, broke away from Venice and the strong local influences which might have robbed him of his own strange personality, and painted in Rome, in Bergamo, and in Treviso.

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    Giovanni Bellini was the most important teacher of his generation and included among his pupils were Giorgione (1477–1510), Titian (1488/90–1576), Jacopo Vecchio ( c. 1480–1528), and Sebastiano del Piombo ( c. 1485–1547). In short, he instructed the painters of the High Renaissance in Venice.

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    Venetian Painting in the 16th Century Paolo Veronese, The Dream of Saint Helena, c. 1570, oil on canvas, 197.5 x 115.6 cm (The National Gallery, London) Over the next century Venetian painters pursued innovative compositional approaches, like asymmetry, and they introduced new subjects, such as landscapes and female nudes.

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