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Venetian Artist of the 16th Century - Virtual Uffizi Gallery
    Titian’s pupil Paris Bordone (1495 – 1570), was also a highly praised Venetian artist of the 16th century. Jacopo Bassano (1515 – 1592) was born near Venice and his sons Francesco the Younger (1549 – 1592) and Leandro Bassano (1557 – 1622) ran a successful workshop in Venice during the 16th Century.

Venetian Painting in the 16th Century – Laura Morelli: Art ...
    Venetian Painting in the 16th Century In The Painter’s Apprentice, Maria finds herself apprenticed to Benvoglio Trevisan, a noted Venetian painter. A generation later, in The Gondola Maker, Luca also finds himself in the same house, working as a private boatman to Master Trevisan’s son, now a successful painter in his own right.

Venetian Painting in the Later Sixteenth Century
    By the middle of the sixteenth century, a new generation of painters began to challenge Titian's dominance over Venetian art. The three most important artists to do so were Tintoretto, Veronese, and Jacopo Bassano. The paintings on this tour display the variety of painting styles practiced by these younger contemporaries of Titian.

Sixteenth-Century Painting in Venice and the Veneto ...
    Of the three painters who dominated Venetian art in the sixteenth century, Titian was by far the oldest.

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