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Northern European 15th-16th centuries
    In the 16th century, Antwerp gradually overtook Bruges as the leading art center and the wealthiest city in Europe, attracting talented painters such as Quentin Massys and Jan Gossaert. Most Netherlandish artists showed great respect for tradition. Hieronymus Bosch was an exception, showing extraordinary independence and flights of imagination.

The Arts in Sixteenth-Century Northern Europe ...
    The Arts in Sixteenth-Century Northern EuropeAchievement.During the fifteenth century Netherlandish artists had dominated Northern European painting. A distinguished lineage of painters, particularly in the wealthy city of Flanders, had perfected the medium of oil painting, developed a highly realistic art, and produced scores of altarpieces, religious panel paintings, and portraits.

16th Century Art Artsy
    A general category for any artwork produced between 1500 and 1599. European art of the 16th century was marked by the spread of Renaissance culture and ideas from Italy through the rest of the continent, resulting in a number of new styles. The High Renaissance(roughly the first two decades of the 16th century) and Mannerism are the movements most often associated with this period.

The Greatest Artists Of The Renaissance Period - WorldAtlas
    Jul 28, 2016 · Leonardo da Vinci's 16th Century painting of the Mona Lisa is perhaps one of the most famous visual art pieces from the Renaissance. The term renaissance means “rebirth” and is the period in Europe’s history right after the Middle Ages.Author: Amber Pariona

An Interactive Timeline of Prominent European Painters ...
    Mid to Late 16th Century European art movement and style that developed between 1520 and 1600. It was a style that rejected the calm balance of the High Renaissance in favor of emotion and distortion. Works of art done in this style reflected the tension that marked Europe at this time in history.

Famous 16th Century Artists & Painters - Famous People
    Famous 16th Century Artists & Painters Italian Spanish French German Artists Baroque Painters Find out more about the greatest 16th Century Painters, including Caravaggio, Peter Paul Rubens, Sandro Botticelli, Diego Velázquez and El Greco.

Printmaking in Europe, c. 1400−1800 – Smarthistory
    Just like engraving, which had originated in Germany but quickly became popular among artists in other parts of Europe like Italy, etching also spread throughout the continent soon after its development. Parmigianino was one early sixteenth-century Italian painter and draftsman who tried his …

European Art of the Sixteenth Century (Art Through the ...
    European Art of the Sixteenth Century (Art Through the Centuries) [Zuffi, Stefano] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. European Art of the Sixteenth Century (Art Through the Centuries) ... Places: the main countries and kingdoms in the 16th century with an emphasis on Italian art Leading artists…Reviews: 4

Art of Europe - Wikipedia
    The art of Europe, or Western art, encompasses the history of visual art in Europe.European prehistoric art started as mobile Upper Paleolithic rock and cave painting and petroglyph art and was characteristic of the period between the Paleolithic and the Iron Age. Written histories of European art often begin with the art of Ancient Israel and the Ancient Aegean civilizations, dating from the ...

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