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El Greco: A modern artist in the 16th Century - BBC Culture
    Aug 26, 2014 · El Greco: A modern artist in the 16th Century By Jason Farago 25th August 2014 This year is the 400th anniversary of El Greco’s death but his works can feel shockingly modern. Jason Farago examines...

El Greco Spanish artist Britannica
    El Greco, byname of Doménikos Theotokópoulos, (born 1541, Candia [Iráklion], Crete—died April 7, 1614, Toledo, Spain), master of Spanish painting, whose highly individual dramatic and expressionistic style met with the puzzlement of his contemporaries but …

El Greco Paintings, Bio, Ideas TheArtStory
    El Greco's life and work were marked by a deep underlying devotion to God. Compelled as a young man to become an artist, he mastered a longstanding tradition of Byzantine icon art, yet by the time he eventually settled in Spain his inspiration was largely drawn from …Nationality: Greek-Spanish

El Greco - 169 artworks - painting - Visual Art Encyclopedia
    El Greco's older brother, Manoússos Theotokópoulos (1531 – 13 December 1604), was a wealthy merchant and spent the last years of his life (1603–1604) in El Greco's Toledo home. El Greco received his initial training as an icon painter of the Cretan school, a leading center of post-Byzantine art.Birth place: Crete, Greece

El Greco (1541–1614) - The Metropolitan Museum of Art
    El Greco is one of the few old master painters who enjoys widespread popularity. Like Vermeer, Piero della Francesca, and Botticelli, he was rescued from obscurity by an avid group of nineteenth-century collectors, critics, and artists and became one of the select members of the modern pantheon of great painters.For Picasso, as for so many later admirers, El Greco was both the quintessential ...

The art of El Greco - Culture The Guardian
    Jan 24, 2004 · In 16th-century Italy, art was an instrument of faith and Michelangelo its divine master, unassailable until El Greco appeared on the scene. But was he a …

El Greco Mannerist painter Detail painting Tutt'Art ...
    El Greco (1541-1614) was a painter, sculptor and architect of the Spanish Renaissance. He usually signed his paintings in Greek letters with his full name, Domenicos Theotokopoulos, underscoring his Greek origin. For biographical notes -in english and italian- and other works by El Greco see El Greco Mannerist painter.

The Disrobing of Christ - Wikipedia
    El Greco chose a method of space elimination that is common to middle and late 16th-century Mannerists. According to Wethey, El Greco "probably recalled late Byzantine paintings in which the superposition of heads row upon row is employed to suggest a crowd".

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