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Personality Types 16Personalities
    Extensive, research-backed profiles of 16 personality types: learn how different personalities approach romantic relationships, career choices, friendships, parenthood, and more.

Introduction Architect (INTJ) Personality 16Personalities
    Aug 01, 2013 · Many personality types trust the status quo, relying on conventional wisdom and other people’s expertise as they go about their lives. But ever-skeptical Architects prefer to make their own discoveries. In their quest to find better ways of doing things, they aren’t afraid to break the rules or risk disapproval – in fact, they rather ...

ISFP Personality Type - "Artist" Profile - Personality Max
    ISFPs make up 6% of all 16 personality types. Of the SP types, ISFPs are the least common (along with ISTPs). ISFPs are the third most common type among Introverts. 1 in every 20 males is an ISFP (5% of all males). 1 in every 14 females is an ISFP (7% of all females). Male ISFPs are one of the least common type-gender combinations.

Free personality test, type descriptions, relationship and ...
    Dig into our studies on personality types and their impact on our lives – geographical distribution, social attitudes, relationships, and much more. Available in a Number of Languages At 37 languages , our test is the most translated major personality test on the internet.

The Sixteen Personality Types - High-Level
    ISFP - The Artist. Quiet, serious, sensitive and kind. Do not like conflict, and not likely to do things which may generate conflict. Loyal and faithful. Extremely well-developed senses, and aesthetic appreciation for beauty. Not interested in leading or controlling others. Flexible and open-minded. Likely to …

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