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Renaissance Sculpture Boundless Art History
    Renaissance sculpture originated in Florence in the 15th century and was deeply influenced by classical sculpture. ... Ghiberti set up a large workshop in which many famous Florentine sculptors and artists were trained. He revived the lost wax casting of bronze , a technique that had been used by the ancients and had subsequently been lost ...

Renaissance Sculptors - Art Encyclopedia
    If during the Early Renaissance Florence supplied Rome with artists, the roles were reversed during the High Renaissance, when Rome, principally through Michelangelo (1475-1564), influenced the development of sculpture across Italy.

Renaissance Sculpture masterpieces, greatest works from ...
    Just as Michelangelo was the greatest sculptor of the 16th century and Bernini the greatest of the 17th, Donatello was undoubtedly the master sculptor of the 15th century.

Donatello´s influence on Renaissance art and sculpture ...
    Mar 15, 2017 · Donato di Niccolo di Betto better known as Donatello was an Italian sculptor and one of the most influential artists of the 15th century, during the early Renaissance period, were culture was born again and began to take a bigger emphasis on the great classics.It is speculated that he was born around 1386, in the city of Florence, and in 1466 he died being eighty years old.

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