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Dutch Paintings in 15th Century Online Gallery
    Dutch Paintings in 15th Century Taking “all-bearing nature” as their guide, early Netherlandish artists prolonged the limits contemporary portray till they regarded as endless because the blue-tinged mountains cutting-edge the distant horizons in their …

Early Netherlandish art Britannica
    There were many other painters whose works celebrated the wealth and intellectuality of 15th-century Flanders. Van Eyck’s most important contemporary was the Master of Flémalle (now thought to be Robert Campin) and, in the next generation, Rogier van der Weyden …

15th Century Netherlandish Art Research Papers -
    Book and Paper Conservation, 16th Century Netherlandish Art, 17th Century Netherlandish Art, 15th Century Netherlandish Art "‘An unrivalled brass Lectorium’: the Cloisters lectern and the Gothic Revival in England," Sculpture Journal 29, no. 1 (2020), 45-63.

Netherlandish Painting in the 1400s - National Gallery of Art
    Franco-Flemish 15th Century, Profile Portrait of a Lady, c. 1410, oil on panel, Andrew W. Mellon Collection, 1937.1.23 2 of 10 This imposing panel, once part of a large altarpiece, is probably the work of a follower of Robert Campin, who along with Jan van Eyck transformed painting in the fifteenth-century …

Early Netherlandish Painting - The Metropolitan Museum of Art
    Early Netherlandish painting was nourished by a vibrant national economy and international trade. Bruges was the favored residence of the dukes of Burgundy in the fifteenth century, and Antwerp was the commercial hub of Europe in the sixteenth. The majority of the Museum’s holdings in this area originated in these two cities.

Netherlandish Renaissance Art - Art Encyclopedia
    In fine art, the term "Netherlandish Renaissance" refers to the rapid development of fine art painting which occurred in Flanders and Holland during the 15th and 16th centuries. Netherlandish artists (and patrons) tended to be more down-to-earth than their counterparts in Italy.

Art of The Netherlands: Painting in the Netherlands
    Early Netherlandish painting refers to the work of painters in the Low Countries in the 15th and 16th centuries. The distinctive Flemish style which emerged in the 15th century was unlike that of the Renaissance occurring in Italy at this time.

renowned artists born in the 15th century (1401 - 1500)
    15th century renowned artists. Masaccio: Masaccio (December 21, 1401 - autumn 1428), was the first great painter of the Quattrocento period of the Italian Renaissance. His frescoes are the earliest monuments of Humanism, and introduce a plasticity previously unseen in figure painting.

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