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Firenze, Francesca da (fl. 15th c.)
    Firenze, Francesca da (fl. 15th c.) Florentine artist and nun. Flourished in the 15th century in Florence; never married; no children. Few artistic works have survived by the miniaturist Francesca da Firenze, and nothing is known of her birth or family. A highly educated nun who flourished as an artist in the scriptorium of a Florentine convent, Francesca represents a strong tradition of religious women who …

10 Things To Know About Sandro Botticelli Artists
    Jan 12, 2020 · The paintings of 15th century artist, Sandro Botticelli, paved the way for the European Renaissance. ... Lucrezia Butti, a nun who had run away with the Friar after he came to her convent to find a model, via The Uffizi Gallery. ... He never married and there is no record of any children, but he instead lived with his brother on a small farm ...Author: Mia Forbes

Maria Ormani - Wikipedia
    Maria Ormani degli Albizzi (born 1428, died around 1470), was an Italian Augustinian Hermit nun -scribe and manuscript illustrator. Her real name was Maria di Ormanno degli Albizzi, born in 1428 in Florence. She was the grand-daughter of Rinaldo degli Albizzi, leader of the aristocratic Guelph party; both her father Ormanno and grandfather Rinaldo were exiled when the Medici family returned to …

How Nuns Have Shaped the Course of Art History
    Jan 29, 2019 · Maria di Ormanno degli Albizzi, a 15th-century Italian nun, was one of the earliest females in Europe to audaciously paint her own self-portrait. Forgoing the demure profile view that male artists customarily used in their depictions of refined quattrocento ladies, this miniature version of Maria stares out unswervingly from the heart of a sumptuous gold-and-blue checkered background.

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