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Renaissance Sculpture Boundless Art History
    Another deeply influential sculptor from Florence was Donatello (1386—1466), who is best known for his work in bas- relief , a form of shallow relief that he used as a medium for the incorporation of significant 15th century sculptural developments in perspectival illusion.

Donatello - David, Paintings & Facts - Biography
    Jun 12, 2020 · Italian sculptor Donatello is one of the most influential artists of the 15th century in Italy, known for his marble sculpture David, among other popular works.

Florentine Sculpture of the 15th Century
    Carving busts of young boys became a specialty of Florentine sculptors from about 1450 until the end of the fifteenth century. Three fine examples of this art are on view in this tour. Together they give an idea not just of the appearance of different children but also of the various approaches that sculptors brought to the same artistic problem.

Donatello Italian sculptor - The Finer Times
    Feb 17, 2020 · The two masters, each in his own sphere, were to become the leading spirits in the art movement of the 15th century. Brunelleschi’s buildings and Donatello’s monuments are the supreme expression of the spirit of the early Renaissance in architecture and sculpture and exercised a potent influence upon the painters of that age.

Renaissance Sculpture masterpieces, greatest works from ...
    Just as Michelangelo was the greatest sculptor of the 16th century and Bernini the greatest of the 17th, Donatello was undoubtedly the master sculptor of the 15th century.

Important Works of Fifteenth-Century Italian Artists - Art ...
    Donatello's statue set a new level of achievement for 15th century sculpture, which strove to emulate Classical styles. Donatello took this one step further with his David, commissioned for...

Florence: The Center of Early Italian Renaissance Art
    Apr 11, 2019 · Florence, or Firenze as it's known to those who live there, was the cultural epicenter for Early Italian Renaissance art, launching the careers of many prominent artists in 15th-century Italy. In a previous article on the Proto-Renaissance , several Republics and Duchies in northern Italy were also mentioned as artist-friendly.

Florentine painting - Wikipedia
    Florentine painting or the Florentine School refers to artists in, from, or influenced by the naturalistic style developed in Florence in the 14th century, largely through the efforts of Giotto di Bondone, and in the 15th century the leading school of Western painting.

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