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Workshop of Lucas Cranach the Elder Martin Luther (1483 ...
    Martin Luther (1483–1546) probably 1532 Workshop of Lucas Cranach the Elder German Lucas Cranach and his workshop produced many printed and painted portraits of Martin Luther, with whom the artist was well acquainted.

Great Works: Venus (1532), Lucas Cranach the Elder The ...
    Oct 23, 2011 · Lucas Cranach the Elder (1472-1552) was a staunch Protestant and a celebrated eroticist. He came from South Germany, and spent most of …Author: Tom Lubbock

Lucas Cranach the Elder - 231 artworks - painting
    Cranach had a large workshop and many of his works exist in different versions; his son Lucas Cranach the Younger and others continued to create versions of his father's works for decades after his death. He has been considered the most successful German artist of his time. He was born at Kronach in upper Franconia, probably in 1472.

Melancholy - Lucas Cranach the Elder — Google Arts & Culture
    Many have asked themselves that question when studying Melancholy from 1532. And they still do. Particularly in recent years, where the German painter Lucas Cranach the Elder …

Lucas Cranach the Elder - The Metropolitan Museum of Art
    Spielhausen's only documented marriage was in 1541; this work was thus likely an isolated portrait without a female pendant. This portrait was first published in 1916, when it appeared at auction as a work of Lucas Cranach the Elder. The attribution was later affirmed by Zimmerman (1925) and by Friedländer and Rosenberg (1932).

Lucretia, 1532 - Lucas Cranach the Elder -
    ‘Lucretia’ was created in 1532 by Lucas Cranach the Elder in Northern Renaissance style. Find more prominent pieces of portrait at – best visual art database.Artist: Lucas Cranach the Elder

Lucas Cranach the Elder Paintings - Totally History
    Lucas Cranach the Elder (October 4, 1472 – October 16, 1553), was a German Renaissance printmaker and painter. He was a court artist for the Electors of Saxony and specialized in portraiture. Many of Cranach’s paintings were of religious subjects, particularly of the Lutheran faith. He was a huge supporter of Protestant leaders and was

Lucas Cranach the Elder Online - Art cyclopedia
    Portrait of the Elector Friedrich III the Wise of Saxony, 1532 (Zoom) Lucas Cranach at the Louvre Museum, Paris Dead hind, the four limbs extended, and hind's head, ca.1520-30 Louvre Museum Graphic Art Database, Paris (in French)

Lucas Cranach the Elder Paintings, Woodcuts, Engravings ...
    Lucas Cranach the Elder was a multi-talented artist who played a significant role in the Northern Renaissance during the early 16th century. He remains one of the most famous artists in German history. This was an artist who became a major part of his local community, going far beyond just these creative boundaries.

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