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Catalonia History. 14th Century. - Spain Then and Now
    Catalonia-Catalunya 14 th Century. Note: The titles given to the monarchs of the Crown of Aragón (a confederation of monarchies of which Aragón and Catalonia –also known as the House of Barcelona– were the founding states) can be confusing. Non-Catalan historians tend to use the Aragonese chronology in numbering the kings, thus the heir to Ramón Berenguer IV and Petronilla (whose ...

Overview of Spanish Painting (15th-17th centuries)
    Luis de Morales, influenced by artists from Lombardy and Antwerp from the beginning of the century, gave to Mannerism a truly Spanish flavour (e.g. Madonna and Child and Ecce Homo). 17th century. The 17th century is the great period of Spanish painting.

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Pre-Renaissance Painting: 14th-Century - Art Encyclopedia
    After all art at the end of the thirteenth century in Italy was still based on Byzantine art - or at least a Byzantine formula. Not only were the permissible subjects for Christian iconography carefully tabulated, but so were their order of precedence, the manner of their presentation, and even the colours to be used.

Celebrating the Year of the Ox The Art Institute of Chicago
    Plowing ahead into the 20th century, Spanish artist Pablo Picasso further simplified the form. For Picasso, bulls symbolized many things, including his motherland Spain, masculine power, and a reflection of the artist himself. The Black Bull (1947) and The Bull (1946) are great examples of Picasso’s constant experimentation with style. No ...

Five great painters who did art in times of plague The Star
    Mar 24, 2020 · Peaking in Europe in the mid-14th century, it circled the globe and recurred as outbreaks in various corners of the world for hundreds of years. Then there was the flu - Spanish, Asian, swine ...

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